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October 28, 2011


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Can't wait to see it in person! The mantle and art really transform it. Love the bookcase.

It looks much better with the large picture over the fireplace (scale is much better) and the surround really looks great...grounds and/or adds some weight to the room. Sometimes those tall rooms just seem to float unless there is something heavier (and to scale) to weight them a bit.

Nice solution to the bookcase. From the photo, it looks like there is a kitchen on the other side and I would have been tempted to drywall over the bookshelf and open it up on the other side and make it a pantry.

What you didn't mention in your photo was your solution to those arched windows; I love how you simply treated it as a regular window and covered them up! Makes the space look more modern. Nice job.

Great options and I LOVE what you're doing in your home! I loved the chairs the way they were in the black and white. These are lovely too and they are fabulous with the art. You know me, I love color, in pillows :)

Nice post!

Impressive blog! -Arron

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