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December 09, 2010


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Nope! Unless I decorate a bedroom room for a granddaughter someday, that color is not happening in my house!

I happen to love pink and like many of the images you presented. I tend to prefer a little softer pink however and more of a pastel.

I remember one time when I was married, that we decided to paint our living room, a deep rose victorian pink, almost the exact same color that you show in the third photo above of the guest room (I love the bedroom in the photo though:)My husband loved it however I hated it. The room made me physically hot every time I went in there. It seemed so garish to me and I was honestly ashamed to have people over although surprisingly, most people loved it! It was tough to paint and decorate other rooms in the home since that stood out. We kept it over Christmas and then we painted it a taupe color that I color matched to our sofa. I loved the taupe color so much that I still have my walls painted the same exact color because I love it so much. I will never, repeat never, paint a room in my home such a hot color again.

As for the Pantone color, I don't see it as a color with universal appeal. Instead, I have a hunch history will look back and that color will date a home. I imagine the comments to be something like, "What on earth were they thinking...". And although I happen to like pink, it is still highly unlikely that I would purchase pink furniture. And yes, I was around back in the 80's when pink and gray were all the rage.

I'll admit it...a little freaked out. I love all colors and can completely see this in a home where the personality of the homeowner can carry it. Painting my house this color would be the equivalent to me getting a tongue piercing and tattoo, then wearing my sweater set and pearls with it...just wouldn't quite work!

Beautiful photos. I love this color as an accent color. I must say I am really surprised this color was chose as color of the year, seems like an odd choice. Love your blog, just what I need another blog to read, I think I need a blog intervention. ;)

Love it! I used it on all of the walls in my guest bedroom with cream bedding. It's tucked away upstairs adjoining our exercise room and it's my girlie getaway. I call it the rose room.


Looks really trendy,but dont show these to my three daughters,It would be a barbie overload!!!!

Girls definitely love the color pink. The interior are all pretty. I want a lavender version of it.

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