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July 29, 2010


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What wonderful advice. Angles are tough I agree. Your advice is spot on. Good luck Sheila!
Paula Grace ~

Looks great.

I have the identical issue-- except this is a 2 room house for my parents, and my problem is where to place the tv. I really don't want to place it over the fireplace..which my husband wants. I do have approx 5 feet to the left of the window on the fireplace wall. If I put the tv there, it will be between 2 french doors. If I move the sofa around to face where the bar cabinet is, we lose the view out the window, which is lovely.

I appreciate your comments.

We didn't have to worry about a TV in this space. I typically don't like the TV over the fireplace unless it is concealed and low enough for viewing. You could mount a flat panel on an articulating mount on that 5 ft wall. If you paint the wall behind the TV Black(a bit larger than the TV), and frame that Black area out with molding, it will look like art. Hope that helps.

Good posts,so pleased to read your thoughts. So many different good ideas there.

Where does the tv go?

In this case, the client did not have a TV in this space. GASP!!

I think you have a great solution to the problem. Creating two options when to hold your quest at home.
Thank you for sharing this very informative and educational post.

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