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October 09, 2009


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Great advice Kristen. IDs will also save the homeowner from making costly mistakes. I really like your style, it's very clean and classy. I saw you at Hooked on Houses and I'm glad I stopped by.

As always, good advice. A good ID will save you a lot of time and a lot of money plus they just have access to items that most people don't.

Thank you, very helpful advice - I will remember the part about not ending up with a store vignette.

I put a high value on professional design. I want it to be accessible to folks who aren't rich. I don't think the pros do enough to promote their value.

Terry, I totally agree that professional services should not just be for the wealthy. That is one of the reasons I offer Free Advice. Even though I work with a vast range of budgets, there are those that still can't afford it. I want everyone to have the most functional pretty space they can afford. My clients are always shocked when they find the retail price on an item I've sold them for sometimes half. I have worked hard to find the highest quality goods and have negotiated the lowest possible prices on them. I want the end price to my client to be the best deal possible. Sometimes I'll team up with ID friends to qualify for the lowest price structure when opening an account with a vendor. I know other IDs who do the same. Suppliers have various pricing to ID's based on the volume they purchase, ability to showcase floor samples, and occasionally they require a store front. Being educated about the products I'm specifying is really important to me as well. I've toured manufacturing facilites that produce the products I use, I've taken classes on furniture contruction, and spent many hours in vendor's High Point Showrooms. These are some of the value adds that we probably don't promote well.

This is a fantastic series of suggestions and answers! Thank you for sharing!!! I'm hosting a giveaway at my blog of genuine Cross Bottles valued at $175. It ends Monday, so hurry over. I think you'll love them!

As always ~ thorough and thoughtful. Great advice. If a store has design service, that is great just remember to mix it up a bit and not use furnishings only from that store. It will be a much more poersonalized space and not look like your neighbors.

Nice one - some great advice as always.

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