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July 07, 2009


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I have to ask where you are putting the Zebra chest!?

Here is the deal on the Zebra chest. A couple of markets ago French Heritage featured this chest
I fell in love. Since the FH one was something like $7000, I knew I'd have to create my own. In the new house the room that will be a guest bedroom is painted Stem Green. This chest is going to be the "nightstand". I've recycled all my Black and White bedding, pillows, and accessories to finish the room. That way I just need to change the wall color when I get tired of the Green or if I have Pink walls in the next houes it still all works.

The zebra is fabulous! Great makeovers.

I love that dollhouse. So cute with the yellow and the blue door. My daughter would flip over it. I'll have to show it to her.

I think that striped chest is pretty cool, too! Fun post, Kristin. Hope you're having a great weekend! :-)

Those chests look fantastic. Thanks for sharing

I love the tranformations!

I love that dollhouse. So cute with the yellow and the blue door.

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