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June 08, 2009


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Pretty young lady - oo la la! I read the Post. Ok, the food looks decent but some of the selections - well - ick! I would try them though as long as I had a nice, big cosmo by my side!

No way! I love it. "Top Chef" and "Real Housewives" are two of my favorite shows (and guilty pleasures), so I just love that you met Hung from Top Chef and he mistook you for a Real Housewife! Too funny. And the fact that it made it into the Washington Post? Priceless.

I'm fascinated by this meal, with 28 courses. Cotton-candy eel?! What an experience that must've been.

I think he confused you with Tamara from OC Housewives -- she looks so much like you!

Okay, Adrienne is my new best friend. Others have emailed me with Dina from Jorsey.

wow!! that sounds like an amazing dinner experience! If we lived near there I'd be saving up for dinner there for sure :) Loved the pictures!

SO, how much was the check???????????

@ Jessica around mid $300s. We had a gift certificate for some of it.

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